July 31, 2014

I'm getting ready for another Blue Skies Weekend. I'm doing as much praying for strength and practicing!!! I've been there many times and it's always stimulating.

Aug 10 should be a blast. I get to play with Ian Bell, Anne Lederman, Jeff Bird and who ever else Ian has cooked up for this day of music.

May 12 From the Wellington Times Paper, Apr 12/'13 following our performance at the Fiddle Stomp Dance in Hillier, PEC.

Kitchen Musicians

Leighton and Kipping lead stomping good time

Tom Leighton and Conrad Kippling used humor, audience participation and good music to entertain the crowd at the Happy Feet head for Hillier! event at Hillier's town hall on Saturday. The fiddle stomp kitchen dance brought members of the community together, some new or visiting and others who've been here all their lives. Photo by Mihal Zada