Leighton Tendencies

Tom's Leighton's solo CD "Leighton Tendencies"

Tom Leighton is proud to announce the release of his solo CD "Leighton Tendencies"

All compositions and arrangements were written by Tom Leighton 2010, SOCAN except “The Last Mile Home” which was written by Tom Leighton & Conrad Kipping 2010, SOCAN

Produced by Paul Mills and Tom Leighton




  • Shirley,This Is Love: waltz 4:06  [play-button:wp-content/uploads/02-Shirley-This-Is-Love.mp3]
  • The Kitchen Sink: clogging reel 3:12  [play-button:wp-content/uploads/03-The-Kitchen-Sink.mp3]
  • On Beechwood: prelude 2:07  [play-button:wp-content/uploads/04-On-Beechwood.mp3]
  • Conrad’s Mandolin: reel 4:05  [play-button:wp-content/uploads/06-Conrads-Mandolin.mp3]

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