Shirley, This Is Love: for Shirley Haines-Alton, on the occasion of her marriage to her childhood sweetheart Howard Alton… at age 82!

My Love’s Beside Me: for my lovely wife, Sandra.

Conrad’s Mandolin: for Conrad Kipping, his optimism and great mandolin chops.

Zeke Gets a “D” for Love: to Danyne Kerr and Zeke Mazurek. “It’s the first time that I’ve ever loved someone who has loved me back.”

Jeannie’s Waltz: for my Mom, who so generously shares her musical and culinary gifts.

Minerva’s Strathspey: to a young Minerva McCrimmon – nautical genius and heroine of Prince Edward County.

Air: Happy Birthday, Barb T.

Thinking of Anna: for my Aunt Anna Salmoni.

The Snowshoer’s: inspired by the 1963 NFB documentary Attiuk, about the Montagnais Indians, their drum and its role in the caribou hunt. Three cheers for the National Film Board.

Many thanks to: Sandra for her love, support, and inspiration. Paul Mills for his ever-present musicality, technical expertise and encouragement. Norm Barker, you remain a GREAT engineer. Graham Metson for sharing his visions. Michelle Giardine for the use of her wonderful piano. Peter Banks and John Fletcher for their continued technical support. Marie-Lynn Hammond for proof reading. To my family and friends – LOVE to you, as always, Tom

Cover design by Mary Alton. Cover painting (detail) by Graham Metson. Photos by Tom Leighton. Artist photo by Gary Taylor.

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