Production by Paul Mills and Tom Leighton

All compositions and arrangements © Tom Leighton 2010, SOCAN

“The Last Mile Home” © Tom Leighton & Conrad Kipping 2010, SOCAN

Recording Studios:

The Millstream, Toronto.
Engineer: Paul Mills

The Canterbury Music Company, Toronto.
Engineer: Jeremy Darby

Beechwood House, Toronto.
Engineer: Tom Leighton

Additional tracks were recorded at:

David’s Woodshed, Toronto.
Engineer: David Woodhead

Chez Michelle’s, Toronto.
Engineer: Chris Smith

Meek Monk Music Studio, Orillia.
Engineer: Don Bray
Mixed at The Millstream, Toronto, by Paul Mills and Tom Leighton

Mastered at Studio 92, Toronto, by Norm Barker

All rights reserved. Made in Canada. Tous droits réservés. Fabriqué au Canada.


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